Aug 7, 2017

That stylish detail 🍊

 Silk Scarf / Esarfa de matase - HERE / AICI || Top / Top - Mango || Pants / Pantaloni - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Michael Kors || Shoes / Pantofi - Zara

Orange is definitely a color I don't wear much. In fact, this top is probably the only one in this shade of orange that I own and I couldn't tell you why exactly because I do think that this color looks great during summer. However, when I began creating this look I actually started with the lovely MINI SILK SCARF which arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to wear it.

Silky, colourful headbands and scarves are a must this season and they dress up any simple outfit and they give it a more beautiful final touch. Depending on how you decide to tie such a scarf, it can prevent your hair to be in your face when you're at the beach, they can even protect your head / forehead from the sun and if you go for a MINI SCARF, you can even wear it tied around your neck, around your wrist or even tied on your bag. I love this tiny detail which will make you look so stylish! So I found my mini scarf at LILYSILK WOMEN COLLECTION and I must tell you it is incredibly soft, silky and pretty, therefore if you like silk garments you should definitely check them out because, besides scarves and other accessories, they also have women clothes, pyjamas, bedding sets, etc. all made out of silk.

If you use the coupon code "flashforwards" on your checkout you will get 16% off your purchase, and if you write the same coupon code in the comment box from your cart you will also get a free SILK EYE MASK. 

Having said that, let me know what you think about this outfit and whether you like to wear headbands this season :)

Have a lovely new week,

Aug 3, 2017

On the greener side

 Shirt / Camasa - HERE / AICI (Blue / Albastra) || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Sandals / Sandale - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Local Store || Necklace / Lant - Bershka

Yes, you guessed it: besides the red garments I also have a thing for red accessories at the moment. But that is probably pretty obvious since this is the third outfit in the last two weeks when I'm wearing this pair of sandals 😀 Though luck, you have to get used to it. 

But leaving the joke aside, green and red look so great together and they complement each other perfectly so I just had to wear some red accessories to this gorgeous SHIRT with green stripes. It made its way into my closet together with the two-piece set you saw in my previous post and I'm utterly in love with it! This is the first shirt with green stripes I ever owned and I never thought it would look so amazing in so many combos or that it would be so pretty to wear this season. Besides this, I love its style, the off the shoulder detail and the big, poofy sleeves, not to mention the quality of the fabric which is just great! I just wish I would have gotten my normal size instead of a size bigger as it is a bit large for me, but that's fine, I found some ways to pull it off quite easily.

I also must admit that I've been wearing it several times already since I got it and it is truly my favourite piece right now: with jeans and red accessories, just like in the photos, with white trousers and black and white accessories (like in my Instastory posts) and even with shorts. The shirt is very versatile and it has a unique design which will make your outfits look stunning. You can check it out HERE and I found it in blue as well, click HERE

Do you like this type of shirts or do you prefer the classic ones?

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S.: Just so you know, I gave up trying to have a decent hairstyle around here. The wind makes it impossible.

Jul 31, 2017

Red Stripes & Sunflowers 🌻

Two-Piece / Compleu - HERE / AICI (Blue / Albastru) || Bag / Geanta - Zara || Hat / Palarie - H&M || Sandals / Sandale - Zara

It's Monday again and tomorrow will be the 1st of August already. I can't believe how fast this year passes by..or at least that's how I feel taking into consideration that there are almost 7 months since we moved to Shanghai and it feels like yesterday. I can't complain, we also had a busy year in which we traveled a lot and saw so many new places, so probably this part helped as well in order for this year to pass by so quickly. Do you also feel the same? 😊

Obviously this year is not over yet and we still have some holidays planed, among which three of them will be at the seaside, of course in three different places, and the first one will begin in exactly one month from today. I'm not telling you the destinations yet as I like to keep it all a little more mysterious 😀 but I think the whole waiting will be worth it.

And who doesn't like to have some new clothes when they go on vacation?! I know I do, reason for which I began stocking up on some new pieces for a while now and I am struggling not to wear them until then :)). Well, some of them are not so easy to resist, like this adorable TWO-PIECE SET that I got last week and I already had to wear it this past weekend. I told you I like red items this summer, but if they involves some stripes it's even better! From the moment I saw this one I immediately felt like it would be the perfect choice for a walk on the beach or for discovering a new city, for a lunch date or even to throw on over a bikini, all these with a pair of flat sandals, slides or flip-flops. :)
Wearing a gorgeous TWO-PIECE SET like this one can have many advantages: it is very easy to throw on as you don't have to think too much what to pair it with, it can be dressed up or down, it is very chic and perfect for summer and if you feel like changing the style for a little bit, you can wear the pieces separately as well. Moreover, this particular one is made 100% out of cotton, which means it won't keep you too warm and I also love the little "twist" it has: a pair of shorts underneath the ruffled skirt. :) Cute, right?

As I am still in the city, I adopted a more city-appropriate look by adding a pair of red heeled sandals, but you can pretty much wear whatever you like with it, this two-piece is pretty versatile. :) And they have it in blue as well, just check it out HERE.

Which do you like more - blue or red? How would you wear it?  

Happy new week everyone!
Hugs, A.

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