Aug 29, 2016

Versatile pieces: the shirt dress

Hey darlings, I can't believe we are facing the last days of August, the last days of summer. It feels like just one week ago I was dreaming of sunbathing, wearing flowy dresses, warm days, blue skies and other pretty things, specific to this season only, and now it's almost over. Luckily, the temperatures outside are very July appropriate so we still have a little time left to enjoy it, but you can also notice the first signs of fall: shorter days, chilly nights and fallen leaves here and there.

Don't worry though, today I have a first transitional piece for you, just perfect for the end of summer and also for the first days of autumn. Yes, I'm talking about this gorgeous SHIRT DRESS, in blue color & white stripes and an asymmetric length which makes it much more interesting. Again, the fabric is of a high quality (100% cotton), it has three quarter length sleeves and it comes with a belt of the same fabric as the dress.

This DRESS is the first one I have in this style and I totally love it. I think it is so beautiful and it is so easy to wear it in a casual or elegant way, or even in between like I chose to wear it this time. I only added a pair of wedges and my new MK bag and I was ready to step out the door without staying too much in front of my closet or struggling to find a chic outfit. Not to mention that you can wear it with heels or flats, at a dinner date, at a casual party, while having brunch with your friends, on vacation, during daytime or nighttime, it doesn't matter, this DRESS is incredibly versatile and it will look lovely on every occasion. :)
Do you like shirt dresses?

Wish you all a beautiful week ahead!

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI
Bag / Geanta - Michael Kors
Wedges / Platforme - Zara
Sunglasses / Ochelari de soare - Mango

Aug 25, 2016

The white embroidered dress

Hey hey, we are facing here another hot summer day and I couldn't be happier because I honestly didn't think that at the end of August we'll be still enjoying temperatures of +30 degrees. Besides that, I just realised that I've been living in dresses the whole summer and 95% of this season's posts on my blog feature a summer dress. I guess that is because they are so perfect, pretty and easy to wear during this season.

Therefore, let's honour this sunny day with another beautiful summer DRESS which I totally love. The reasons are pretty obvious since it is an off-shoulder one with bell sleeves, ruffles and tassels, so basically it has everything that I loved this season combined in one piece, but besides that it is ohhh so pretty!! The fabric is 100% cotton (!!) which is, in my opinion, the best one to wear when it's really hot outside and it has those beautiful embroidered details. Moreover, its length makes this DRESS the right choice to wear on vacation, at a festival, on the beach or just for a walk in the city, your options are endless.

This time I paired it with my fringed camel boots and backpack and I added a summer hat in a similar color, I took my picnic basket and headed to the park to spend a beautiful outside, enjoying the sun as much as I can since it probably won't last much longer. I'm telling you, we'll be back to sweaters and coats and thick clothes before we know it, so this week is all about wearing most of my summer pieces and I suggest you to do the same. In two months we'll be nostalgically looking back to these lazy hazy summer days..

I found my dress HERE and I can only recommend it to you because the quality is amazing!

Have a lovely, sunny & warm weekend!

 Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI
Boots / Cizme - Pull and Bear
Backpack / Ghiozdan - Primark
Hat / Palarie - Primark

Aug 22, 2016

The cherry on top 🍒

Hello dears,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty full and it ended with some serious muscle soreness after we went trekking yesterday. It was the first time, so 6,5km through the woods, going up and down resulted in me moving like Robokop today :)). However it was pretty amazing so I'm sure it won't be the last time. Too bad we started doing this at the end of summer.

But talking about today's outfit, you saw that last week I had some lemons on my dress (see the post HERE), therefore today I have some cherries for you. :D You know how much I love prints and patterns and I like having fun with them, especially since it's still summer and this season allows me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Btw, this week looks like it's still gonna be an amazing one. Anyway, when I saw this DRESS I liked it instantly. I ordered it together with the lemon printed one (HERE) and I thought they might be quite similar, but I still found them to be very cute  and definitely something else. The fabric is similar for both of them and they are both in a vintage style, but the CHERRY PRINTED ONE has ruffle sleeves which I actually chose to wear off the shoulder, and an A-line form with a wider lower part. I think it is perfect to be worn at a summer special event or even at a festival, and now I refer to the german kind of festivals (Oktoberfest and such). It reminds me of the german Dirndls. :)

This time I chose to add a pair of red sandals together with a white bag with black details and a scarf like choker. However, I think you can easily pair this dress with black or white sandals, high heeled or flat ones and if you want to make it look more casual you can wear it with flats or white converse and a denim jacket. The options are quite varied, right?

Remember, you can find the dress HERE, on SALE. So let me know how and where would you wear it. :)

Have a great week,

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI
Sandals / Sandale - Zara
Bag / Geanta - Zara
Sunglasses / Ochelari de soare - H&M
Choker / Choker - Primark

Aug 18, 2016

when life gives you lemons..

..wear them :)). Pun intended, I hope you know that. I'm certainly referring to the beautiful lemon print that has been such a hit this summer and which is a good alternative to the floral print, a very cheerful and cute one and if you like yellow and you like patterns, than this is definitely something to go for.

I found my beautiful dress HERE, a D&G inspired one, and it stole my heart right from the beginning. Besides the vivid colors and lovely lemons (I'm a big fan of lemons by the way :)) ), its form and cut got to me, not to mention the midi length and the cute black buttons in the front. It gave me that vintage vibe right away and so I thought of combining it with a pair of golden sandals with block heel (very retro, I know), round sunglasses typical for the same time frame, a big straw hat and a yellow bag. The fabric is very light and summer appropriate and you should be careful with the sizing, I ordered one size too big (always the same problem, haha).

I wore this last Saturday while doing some shopping and then when we went for a looong walk in the city, walk which left some prominent marks on my feet. Well, the walk and these sandals. But what don't we do in order to look good and to have some cool pics, right? :D
I would have worn the dress with a pair of black high heeled sandals but you can imagine the damage caused by those after walking 10 km. :))

Anyway, you can find my dress HERE at a suuuper amazing price and you can find some other dresses HERE as well. Have a lovely weekend and stay tuned cause I will prepare some other cute stuff for next week!

Love, A.

Dress / Rochie - HERE / AICI
Sandals / Sandale - Zara
Bag / Geanta - Zara
Hat / Palarie - H&M
Sunglasses / Ochelari de soare - Primark

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